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What is Radiology?

Radiology is a medical imaging diagnostic tool
that's used in every field of medicine to treat
underlying diseases inside the body.
X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to
produce images of the tissues and
anatomical structures that would otherwise
be hidden within the body. X-rays are an
essential tool in the diagnosis and treatment
of disease processes inside the body.  


Dr. Carter teaching some curious youngsters about our digital radiography machine, 2019

Dr. Carter posing with the model of a horse skeleton he constructed while he was a student at the Purdue Veterinary School of Medicine. The Purdue Veterinary School still has it on display to this day!

Digital Radiography


X-rays are a basic diagnostic tool used in every field of healthcare to give medical practitioners an "inside eye" into their patients' body systems, giving them the ability to detect any subtle clues of hidden diseases. Since practitioners are
so dependent on x-rays to aid in their
diagnostic steps, accurate and clear
images are vital to ensure the accuracy
of diagnoses.  

The importance of clear radiographic
imaging led to the development of
digital radiography. Our in-house,
state-of-the-art digitalized
radiography equipment gives us clear
and accurate images within seconds. 


Digital Radiography also gives us the ability to utilize telemedicine, allowing us to quickly and easily contact board-certified veterinary radiologists for their expert opinions and personal consultations. 

Doc Carter has been a god send. In all my years of sharing my life with fur babies, I have never felt so trusting in his capability and caring of my babies....The little things like calling for follow-ups and big things like trying when there seems to be little hope puts Doc Carter way above the rest. He is instrumental in his educational teachings to what is going on and is honest with expectations. I cannot praise him or his staff enough.

Hells Bels, Google 

Family with Pets
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