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My K-9 Behaves Referral Program

Our facility has joined forces with the nationally recognized dog training program My K9 Behaves. This comprehensive and complete training curriculum is user-friendly, and has been proven time and again to successfully curtail common behavioral problems, as well as empower pet owners to train their furry loved ones with complete confidence. This program covers a multitude of topics, including puppy training, potty training, and an array of other common behavioral problems. Developed by accredited canine behaviorist and author Donna Chandler, this program provides 24/7 online access for families to conveniently view puppy and dog training videos from the comfort of their home. Visit the program's website My K9 Behaves today to learn more!

Referral Behavior Trainers

Whether you're trying to teach your pet simple obedience commands or attempting to curtail troublesome behavior, it can be overwhelming trying to find the resources to effectively train your pet. We've developed great partnerships with multiple local trainers specializing in common obedience training, as well as modifying behavioral problems, that we refer our clients to. Even for some of the most difficult behavioral cases, we've found great success when referring our clients to these experienced and skilled trainers.

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