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One of Dr. Carter's biggest passions has and always will be education. He conscientiously strives to learn, develop, and grow in not only his personal life, but also his professional life by researching current veterinary medical trends and technological advancements, to ensure that his medical practices will always reflect the most up-to-date, evidence-based veterinarian trends.

Dr. Carter began his teaching career during his time in Purdue's Veterinary School, becoming a Teaching Assistant for an Anatomy lab from1980-1982, as well as being a co-instructor for an Anatomy class for the Purdue veterinary technician students during the summer of 1981.

From the very beginning of his veterinary career, Dr. Carter has felt a personal obligation to spread education and knowledge about the veterinary field, as well as veterinary career choices, to his pet owners, as well as to young people and students. He enjoyed voluntarily visiting and lecturing at after-school programs in local grade schools, as well as participating in local nature clubs and promoting veterinary education by speaking at local breeding associations. He even established and led a Boy Scout Explorer post that educated students about careers in veterinary medicine. Dr. Carter also actively participated as a member of the IVMA Public Relations Committee. Dr. Carter's commitment to education eventually led him to create, develop, and maintain the Indiana State Fair's Veterinary Surgical Demonstration suite every year, which is still in use to this day.

Dr. Carter's fervent dedication to education is precisely why he has purposefully devoted his time & energy into building this practice's entire foundation on education. He truly finds immense joy in spending time talking with each and every one of his clients about any and all of their questions and concerns, as well as sharing his knowledge and expertise with all of his staff members. In fact, staff meetings are held every week, in which both veterinarian specialists and pharmaceutical representatives come and lecture about new pharmacological developments, as well as new research findings and developments within the veterinary field. Dr. Carter also welcomes and genuinely enjoys having students come and shadow him, so they can get a real glimpse of what the veterinary field encompasses and entails.

His love of educating both himself and those around him inspired Dr. Carter to eventually help establish the highly successful and esteemed Veterinary Assisting program at the J. Everett Light Center of Indianapolis in 2001. This program trains students during their junior and senior years of high school to be veterinary assistants. Students enrolled in this program gain invaluable experiences while they work directly alongside veterinarians and veterinary technicians outside of the classroom, as well as gaining valuable skills that they can utilize immediately upon graduation from the program. Dr. Carter not only helped establish this program from the ground-up, but he remains very active with the program to this day, acting as the current Chairman of the Board of Directors for the JEL Veterinary Assisting program.


We Love Education!

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Our Continuing Education Schedule

June 12

6:30pm.....Continuing Education at MedVet: Radiography Lecture with Dr. Vititoe, DVM, MS, DACVR, Veterinary Radiologist

June 13

12:30pm.....Staff Meeting: Boehringer Ingelheim Lunch & Learn

June 20

12:30pm.....Staff Meeting: Zoetis Lunch & Learn

July 17

6:30pm.....Continuing Education at MedVet: Surgical Oncology with Dr. Hans, DVM, DACVS-SA, Veterinary Surgeon

July 23

6:30pm.....Continuing Education: Hills- Making Complicated GI Issues Simple

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