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We are continuing to keep our doors open at this time, however we are limiting lobby traffic as much as possible. Please call our office at (317) 844-6868 from the parking lot when you arrive for your appointment.
We are giving our clients the following 4 appointment options to choose from:
1.) COMING INSIDE: We'll call you when an exam room becomes available and if you're
    comfortable and you meet the criteria below, you're welcome to come inside and we'll escort
    you & your pet directly into an exam room.
  • Please limit to 2 people.
  • We are requiring a mask that completely covers your nose & mouth be worn at all times while in our building. 
  • We ask that you haven't been diagnosed or have signs of COVID-19, and that you have had no known contact with someone who has been diagnosed or has symptoms of COVID-19 within 24-hours of your visit.
2.) STAYING IN YOUR CAR: We'll call you when an exam room becomes available and a technician
     will meet you at your car & bring your pet inside while you wait in your car.
  • Dr. Carter is happy to talk you through the examination over the phone while you remain in your car. 
3.) DROP-OFF YOUR PET: After calling our office when you've arrived, a technician will come meet
     you & bring your pet inside. You can then leave and Dr. Carter will call you once the examination
     is complete. You can then pick them up at your earliest convenience before we close.
4.) CURBSIDE: Our team is happy to meet you at your car and provide whatever services you need
     outside, including medication pick-ups & appointments.
  • *Please be sure your pet is securely restrained with properly fitting leashes, collars, or carriers to ensure their safety*
We kindly ask that if you choose to remain in your vehicle and not enter the building to please pay by credit card over the phone. 
We greatly appreciate your patience & understanding during this tumultuous time for our society. We are dedicated to helping aid in our nation's efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 while still providing our patients with the highest-level of healthcare available.
You can stay up-to-date on all of the most recent Coronavirus/COVID-19 developments through the following links:
How Carter Vet is Taking Action to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
The news about Coronavirus/COVID-19 seems to be changing by the hour, but we have been diligently monitoring this pandemic's progression on a daily basis and will continue to modify our protocols to continue to protect our team and our clients. 
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Frequent handwashing 
  • Face masks required
  • Frequent sanitization of high-traffic areas
  • Daily temperature & health screens for employees
  • Limiting lobby traffic
Our team practices infection prevention and disease control on a routine, daily basis to protect both animals and humans. In fact, in August of 2019 our hospital received certification in the 'Heroes for Healthy Pets' Infectious Disease Management Program, certifying that our team is knowledgeable in the most up-to-date disease management and prevention protocols. 
We understand that this may be a stressful time for our clients, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Carter Vet is committed to continuing to serve our community while aiding in the prevention and spread of Coronavirus/COVID-19.
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