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At Carter Veterinary Medical Center, we believe our pet parents are an essential component in ensuring our patients live their fullest and happiest lives. As a pet owner, your pet relies solely on you for their care and well-being. Our team integrates education into every interaction we have with our clients, so they're equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to give their pets the highest-quality of life possible. Our practice was founded with this philosophy: the more knowledge an animal owner has about their pet's health, the more tools they have to succeed in caring for their pets. Our team uses examinations as opportunities to educate our clients, while simultaneously establishing a comprehensive wellness program for our patients. Something you can expect during an exam with our team is a very comprehensive, hands-on and interactive experience. 


What Can I Expect During an Exam?

Our team understands that health is all-encompassing and extremely intricate, requiring a versatile and thorough approach. Establishing a comprehensive wellness program is essential for long-term health and quality of life. Routine wellness exams not only identify potential problems before they progress, but they also allow time for clients to speak with our veterinary team to discuss the specific needs of their pet during different stages of their life.

Routine wellness examinations begin with a head-to-toe physical exam, checking general appearance and demeanor, joints, skin, eyes, ears, lymph glands, teeth, gum color, internal organs, as well as listening to the heart and lungs. In addition to a comprehensive physical exam, we run diagnostic blood tests as well as a heartworm test. Due to the national increase of heartworm prevalence, we highly recommend annual heartworm tests to ensure complete and thorough protection.

Common Medical Conditions We Treat

Our team is exceptionally skilled and dedicated to treating cats & dogs with a vast array of health conditions, including but not excluded to:


Dermatological Conditions

Infectious Diseases

Vomiting & Diarrhea


Endocrine Disorders (Diabetes, Cushing's Disease, Addison's Disease, Thyroid & Parathyroid Dysfunction)

Kidney & Urogenital Diseases (Urinary Incontinence, Infections, Stones, & Kidney Failure)

Worms, Parasites, & Ticks


Gastrointestinal Disorders & Obstructions

Liver Dysfunction & Disease

Behavioral Issues & Training

General Malaise

Pancreatic Conditions

Breaks & Sprains

Geriatric Care

Respiratory Diseases

Dental Problems

Immune Mediated Disorders

Trauma & Injury


Just like in human medicine, preventative healthcare is key in helping our patients live their longest and fullest lives. We place great emphasis on practicing preventive care because our philosophy is that it's far easier to prevent
health issues than it is to treat them.
This is why we highly encourage our
patients to have consistent yearly
annual examinations where they'll
receive their vaccinations, a thorough
and complete physical examination,
as well as giving our team an
opportunity to educate our pet owners
on the importance of heartworm
prevention, flea & tick prevention,
as well as protection against other
common parasites and diseases.
One thing our clients will hear
Dr. Carter say is that in his 38+ years
of practicing as a veterinarian,
he has never seen such a huge surge
in parasites as he's recently been

Vet Examining Dog

Schedule Your Exam Today!

At Carter Veterinary Medical Center, your pet's health is our first priority. Call our office at (317) 844-6868 to schedule your appointment today!


"Hands down, this veterinary clinic is the most wonderful facility I've had the pleasure of using. Not only is the staff so attentive and friendly, but they all -- especially Dr. Carter -- go above and beyond for any "patient" that comes through their doors. Dr. Carter and his vet techs will spend as much time with you as you need in order to fully understand the health of your pet. In my experience, he has always called within hours of my pets' appointments to personally go over lab/blood work and other diagnostic tests. He explains exactly what each value or number means and he answers whatever questions you might have. I've never felt rushed by him or his team and that means the world to me when it comes to my pets' health."

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